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Property Management


First Trinity Development Corporation  

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Services Include:

  • Property Tax Appeals                                                 
  • Property Appraisal                                                        
  • Investment Analysis
  • Property Maintenance
  • Lease Negotiations

For questions regarding these and other areas of property management please contact; Rachael Owen, General Manager.


Rental Report

Property Management Tips

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Furnace Tune up Tips

If it has been awhile since your furnace had its last tune-up, take care of it now so that you don't run into trouble when you really need the heat to come on.  A phone call from an upset tenant can easily be avoided by;

Regular Tune ups, to ensure its efficiency and longevity, a little preventative maintenance now means your unlikely to find yourself coping with a furnace breakdown that needs emergency service in the middle of winter. 

A clean well-adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and will prolong furnace life.

As Property Managers, we have found just changing the filter on a forced air furnace is a good place to start but it's not enough.  Your furnaces also need regular inspection and maintenance of the heat exchanger, ignition system, fan, motor bearings, belts,  pumps, pilot, thermostat, chimney and more.  These are not do it your self projects.

Seasonal maintenance of your buildings mechanics & exteriors is part of your contract with us.  As your Property Management Team, our goal is to provide a complete package of financial and mechanical support. 

Video Cameras

 The use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras helps to deter crime. They can be used just about anywhere an increased level of surveillance is required. With specified environmental housings cameras are able to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments. After dark cameras, modern technology allows cameras to operate effectively using only infrared light or even starlight.


  Cameras can be monitored from great distances by an operator using anything from a standard phone line to a wireless network connection, along with new micro cameras and disguised cameras (e.g., cameras that look like smoke detectors) which can be very unobtrusively deployed

Do It Yourself Energy Saving Tips

Simple At-Home Tips

1. Install compact flourescent (CFL) lightbulbs.  Replacing standard incandescent lightbulbs with CFL bulbs as they use about 1/3 the eletricity.

2.  Install a programmable thermostate.  Easy to install and easy to use. Wake up to a warm house without wasting energy.

3.  Install a low-flow shower head.  Low-Flow shower heads reduce teh amount of hot water used when taking a shower and teh energy needed to heat it.  A smart investment especially for gross rents.

4.  Replace old appliances with more efficient models.  Investin gin new energy-efficient appliances lie a refrigerator can save energy and money for years to come.  Look for the EnertyStar label for maximum energy savings.

More savings can be found at:  

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